This past Sunday, July 28, I ran in the 2019 Wharf to Wharf race in Santa Cruz, CA. The course is exactly 6 miles long. My time was 43:40:

43 minutes and 40 seconds

I got to the corrals about 20 minutes later than I should have, so I struggled to make it in before the starting gun went off. Then, I felt like I was trapped behind other runners.

The weather was nice — right around 60º and overcast — so I didn’t have to deal with heat like I did in the Cleveland Marathon. The course is nice, because although it does have hills, those hills are not very steep and don’t gain much elevation.

I thought I paced myself well. I went out just under 8:00 per mile, and sped up in the last two miles. My kick was quite speedy. I think I could have gone out faster from the very beginning, but I was worried about burning out like I did in Cleveland (though of course that race was much longer).

I enjoyed the race! I’d like to do it again. Next time I’ll go out faster and get to the start line earlier.

Here’s the recording of the race.

Screenshot of GPS recording