Last week I wrote a reflection on my first week of online classes in which I described some of the good and bad changes caused by the move online. Now that another week has passed, I want to revisit that topic.

I think that my routine has been refined slightly. In the past week, I napped every day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I napped between my classes, and on Tuesday and Thursday I napped after my classes. This has helped me to feel a litle more productive and focused when it comes to homework and watching lectures. During week 2, I spent much less time procrastinating school work, which meant that I finished my work sooner and was better able to enjoy my leisure time. In addition to my daily naps (which I will aim to continue going forward), I’ve started to do my 8:00 math class from bed (don’t tell the professor!). I think this is somewhat lazy of me, but as I said last week, the class time feels mostly unhelpful.

In terms of paying attention to class and engaging, it didn’t get worse during week two, but it certainly didn’t get better either. I’m often partially disengaged from class.

Outside of class, I’ve been better about getting out for walks and runs. I went running twice last week (up from one time during week 1), and walked every day aside from Friday.

For me, week 2 marked several incremental improvements from week 1. Hopefully these will stick, and I’ll find a few more ways to improve my situation.