I wrote previously about the Avenue Adventure, a project that I worked on with Sam DuBois, Kai Girard, and Liam Tegland.

Recently an article was published in the East Bay Express about the project: click here to read “Who Are the Key Keepers of Ocean View?” by Camryn Sanchez.

It’s a good article, though there are at least two factual mistakes, which I want to comment on for the sake of accuracy:

  1. The article states:

    In reality, the police officer who arrested Maass was none other than Albany resident Sam DuBois

    However, it was me, not Sam, who played the police officer.

  2. The article also mentions:

    DuBois and his former Albany High classmates Kai Gerard and Joey Rees-Hill

    In fact, Kai’s last name is spelled Girard, not Gerard.

Despite these two mistakes, the article provides a good summary of the Avenue Adventure for people who didn’t play. Take a look!

“Who Are the Key Keepers of Ocean View?” by Camryn Sanchez