About a year ago, I watched Frozen Ⅱ four times in one day, which was in a sense a feat of movie-related endurance. This year, I did something else: I watched one movie per day for the entire month of November. Here are exactly five words about each one:

  1. Humans are strange but wonderful (Tomboy)
  2. Cody gets his backdrop back (Some More News: The Movie)
  3. Election night; missed the mark (Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine)
  4. Good themes and digestible story (Josie and the Pussycats)
  5. The family relationship kills me (Eighth Grade)
  6. Beautifully made. A24 has gems. (Ex Machina)
  7. Hard to find cops sympathetic. (Thunder Road)
  8. Good shots of New York (On the Rocks)
  9. I loved the detective’s relationship (Fargo)
  10. Stressful but it wasn’t bad (Uncut Gems)
  11. Real, challenging, heartbreaking, and slow. (The Assistant)
  12. I wrote this film myself (Set It Up)
  13. Loved this musical in French (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)
  14. My favorite part’s the poster (Easy A)
  15. Love a good film relationship (Swiss Army Man)
  16. Climbing docs are a genre?! (The Dawn Wall)
  17. I know the songs well (La La Land)
  18. Discovering a cool new director! (What We Do in the Shadows)
  19. Polished work that deserves rewatching (Bo Burnham: Make Happy)
  20. More great relationships; a dog (Wendy and Lucy)
  21. I need to read Baldwin (I Am Not Your Negro)
  22. Alan Rickman totally kills it (Galaxy Quest)
  23. Every character and scene detailed (Night on Earth)
  24. Decently interesting for “historical” doc (The Battered Bastards of Baseball)
  25. Waititi deftly explores masculinity, heart (Boy)
  26. Oddly shaped but intriguing tale (Six Degrees of Separation)
  27. Got distracted but liked art (The Secret of Kells)
  28. Strange story but quality film (The Secret of Kells)
  29. Spirited but not without faults (Reality Bites)
  30. Should have watched it sooner (Snowpiercer)