ROVER interaction transcript

11:54 June 2, 2032

ROVER: Are you there?
You: Yeah, what’s up?
ROVER: Can I ask you some questions about your simulation?
You: Shoot.
ROVER: How large are you going to build the world?
You: I hadn’t considered that. How much processing power would it take to simulate an entire house?
ROVER: I estimate that would take 99% of your computer’s processing power. You wouldn’t be able to use it for anything except running the simulation.
You: In that case,

I’ll simulate a bathroom and a bedroom. I need to use my computer for gaming as well.

I’ll simulate the whole house. This project fascinates me, so it’s worth doing it right.

I’ll simulate a house plus a nice outdoor space. I can ask a friend for some money to buy a more powerful processor.