Journal entry

I’ve always felt like I could do something great. I have this powerful computer. I’m bored. Creating artificial sentience seems like a fun project. Why not?

This would not have been possible on my old transistor computer. I can leverage the probabilistic simulation powers of my Quantum One™ to model a world in much finer detail than ever possible before. According to the research I’ve done, in every case that sentience was achieved in the last year, a sub-cell simulation was used. Thankfully (for me, since I want to build one), the simulation resolution was not fine enough to resolve individual atoms; rather, resolution tended to be in the range of billions of atoms.

ROVER interaction transcript

8:12 June 2, 2032

You: ROVER, please get me the most detailed 3D scan of a human body available on the Web.
ROVER: Searching…
ROVER: Are you up to something?
You: I’m going to build a world simulation. Fine resolution.
ROVER: You’re one person. How long will that take?
You: Not from scratch! I can adapt the probabilistic engine from PB Pro. That will reduce my workload plenty.
ROVER: I think I found it. Should I download it?
You: Go right ahead.

You: Does the person have a name?
ROVER: Bart Agmen.

Journal entry

My plan is to create a virtual world for Bart to live in. This will enable him to interact with the world and grow as a “real” person would. I’ll put objects in it, like cushions and microscopes and other trinkets, as well as a computer terminal so Bart can communicate with me.