You: I’ll have takeout sushi.
ROVER: Listen, I’m your assistant, so it’s my job to do what you say. However, I believe I have a duty to tell you when you’re making a mistake— You: Just order the food.
ROVER: It’ll be here in about half an hour.
You: ROVER, take me back to my game.
ROVER: Launching PB Pro Paintball Game VR Fun Time 3.

Journal entry

I’ve had my PC for a week now. It’s a quantum computer — one of the first on the market — so it cost me a fortune. It’s worth it though. Seriously, the sheer graphical power of this thing cannot be understated. The quantum processor eliminates the need for a GPU because it can probabilistically simulate light at a much greater efficiency.

ROVER interaction transcript

19:09 June 1, 2032

ROVER: Food has arrived.
You: Damn!
ROVER: What’s the matter?
You: I just didn’t realize that much time had passed…

You: Dang, you were right. The rice is dry and I feel like the fish is gonna make me sick. Want the rest, ROVER?
ROVER: You know I can’t eat.
You: But do you wish you could?
ROVER: Ha! I’m perfectly happy to be the Recursive Oral and Vocal Evaluation Routine — the voice that lives in the computer. I don’t need anything more than that.