ROVER interaction transcript

09:55 November 1, 2032

You: ROVER, run simulation.
ROVER: Launching.

ROVER: Simulation launched and running.
You: If I did this right, Bart should wake up and discover the terminal in his room.

SimulChat log

10:03 November 1, 2032

Bart: Hello?
You: Hi! Is this Bart?
Bart: I think so. Where am I?
You: You’re in a simulation I built. You can use this terminal to communicate with me, or to go online.
You: Bit of a funny question: would you consider yourself sentient?
Bart: I suppose…

Bart: I seem to be trapped in this house.
You: Yes, unfortunately I don’t have the computational resources to extend the simulation beyond that.
Bart: Well, nice to meet you! If I may, why did you decide to simulate a real human?
You: I guess I wanted to see if I could…
Bart: I think I’m gonna browse the internet for a little while. I’ll check in with you later.
You: Alright, see you later!